May 21, 2015


"BOURBON tomorrow" by J. de Chateauvieux

Those of you who have been shareholders of the company for many years, and those among you who know the history of our company, are aware that until 1975, that is to say for a period of almost 30 years, the company developed a single line of business: the production and processing of sugarcane.
After agricultural and industrial restructuring on Reunion Island and the development of complementary activities in this sector, BOURBON diversified in three very different directions:

  • The agri-food sector in Reunion Island and sugarcane in Vietnam
  • Large-scale retail distribution in Reunion and then from this island to the Indian Ocean and Vietnam
  • Maritime activities including harbor towage, dry bulk transport and marine services for the offshore oil sector.

The model of growth during this second period of 10 years was to acquire businesses and then to reveal their potential through investment and geographical diversification.

At the end of this second ten-year phase, BOURBON was listed on the stock exchange on October 20, 1998. The conglomerate soon proved not to realize its potential on the stock exchange and the decision was taken to focus on a single business and to become its global leader: the sector of maritime services for the offshore oil and gas industry.
Since taking this step, BOURBON has invested more than $6 billion in the maritime sector, taking delivery of a new ship every twelve days for twelve years and has seen a twelvefold increase in its workforce.
This is a unique achievement in the history of the offshore maritime services industry of the past fifty years. It is the success of the women and men of BOURBON who serve clients everywhere in the world, a success based on the strength of their commitment and their skills, sharing the same corporate culture in spite of the 90 nationalities at work for BOURBON.

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