How do we optimize the availability of our fleet and our spare parts? By opting standardization.

BOURBON announced several years ago its desire to renew its fleet by investing in modern vessels built in series. Today, standardization has become one of our main competitive advantages, assuring that clients receive the continuity of service they expect.

Increased technical availability

Equipment standardization leads to maintenance standardization. This practice, inspired by the aviation industry, makes it possible to:

  • increase availability of critical equipment (engines, propellers, etc.)
  • reduce maintenance periods
  • increase the reliability and safety of operations

Procedures and skills are identical for all

Standardizing our vessels and equipment also means having a considerable advantage in terms of crew training (managing certifications and authorizations).

Our crews have received standardized training and thus can be immediately operational from one vessel to another.

Meeting our clients' needs

BOURBON vessels built in series (Bourbon Liberty, Bourbon Evolution, Bourbon Explorer, etc.) share standardized features, such as propulsion systems, dynamic positioning, etc. Nevertheless, they can be adapted to our clients' needs and to the nature of their operations.

Bourbon behind the scenes