By simultaneously improving its safety culture and operational standards, BOURBON has been able to build sustainable results which will lead the group towards its 0-incident objective.

BOURBON has reinforced its commitment to safe and efficient operations by creating its own operational safety management standard called OSM (Operational Safety Management). From management accountability, recruitment of onshore and offshore personnel, operations, management of contactors to HSE and continual measurement, they govern all aspects that ensure full operational safety.

" We have to intensify our safety focus to reach BOURBON’s ultimate objective: 0-incident."
rodolphe bouchetCEO of bourbon marine & logistics


In order to measure its performance regarding Safety, the group has established a barometer of “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs):

  • TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate) 
    TRIR is calculated by the number of lost time, restricted work and medical treatment cases x 1,000,000 then divided by the total hours worked.
  • LTIR (Lost Time Incident Rate)
    LTIR is calculated by the number of lost time cases x 1,000,000 then divided by the total hours worked.

These indicators serve to accurately and reliably measure the progress made regarding the prevention of personnel injury. Regular monitoring of these results leads to progressive assessment of our performance with regards to safety.


Objectives for 2021 & results since 2016

  • LTIR Objective: 0.00
  • TRIR Objective: 0.75

For improving classification, more in-depth review has been applied in 2016 to the impact of each incident, particularly the impact to the injured person. Our goal is to clearly identify the severity of each accident in order to more effectively prevent any repeat and in addition, to generate improved transparency of statistics. 

With a constant concern to strengthen the culture of safety, BOURBON involves each employee personally and commits them to a responsible and proactive attitude.


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