March 20, 2020


Dear customers,

We are all together facing an unprecedented situation and an exceptional international mobilization with regard to the human & economic issues at stake. BOURBON’s teams are mobilized worldwide to make sure all activities remain operational & provide you their support.

Since the beginning of the sanitary crisis linked to Covid-19 virus, the company has taken exceptional measures to first protect people’s health and in the same time allow the continuation of operations. Main measures being:

  • Offshore, isolation of new crew for 14 days prior embarking and proactive crew changes in advance when possible.
  • Onshore, telework for most teams worldwide and travel ban policy at least for the next month.

We are adapting our organization to countries restrictions imposed by national governments and be assured that our teams worldwide are working hard to deploy dedicated measures in order to ensure sustainability of your operations. It is impossible today to predict how long constraints will last and, in this context, team spirit and solidarity will help to face the challenges ahead.

All BOURBON employees stay at your disposal to ensure safe operations and business continuity and assure you of their full solidarity.

Bourbon behind the scenes