June 30, 2021
Our 2021 "photos of the month"
  • Being a seafarer, beyond operational tasks, this is also living great experiences and unforgettable travels ! During his transit through the Suez Canal, the crew of the MPSV Bourbon Trieste wanted to share this unique moment with us!
  • To ensure the safe transport of more than 1.5 million passengers each year, Bourbon Mobility has developed the boat-landing, the safest mode of passengers transfer from a Surfer onto an oil&gas structure. Safe and efficient, this system allows the transfer of up to 7 people in 1 minute, thanks to the professionalism of our seafarers.
  • Each experience on board is unique. A vessel is an atypical place where seafarers from different cultures and nationalities live in community, learn to trust and support each other, all guided by the same desire to do well and to act for the team!
  • Aboard the Bourbon Gulf Liberty 211, a working day is coming to an end and this magnificent sunset is one of the rewards for the work done. Being an offshore seafarer also means being able to enjoy these unique moments with the crew...
  • One of the 134 smart vessels of the BOURBON fleet: the Bourbon Gulf Liberty 210
Bourbon behind the scenes