August 24, 2014

Combining the theoretical skills and field experience of our staff to better support our clients: that's the strength of BOURBON's subsea engineering department.

Anticipate, design, plan: a personalized service

The BOURBON subsea engineering department, consisting of 4 engineers and 2 designers, conducts advance preparation for IMR projects and supports daily operations.

Our research could be conducted completely independently of other BOURBON activities and does not necessarily concern projects involving group vessels.

Because each operation is specific, our teams design a set of documents detailing all the procedures to be followed to ensure they are successful. It can be a specific list of tasks to be performed, detailed and illustrated with diagram or installation procedures for a piece of subsea equipment, including design, 3D drawings, dynamic analysis, risk analysis, etc.

The issue of safety, a key theme for BOURBON, is at the heart of each project: A mission can be refused if the risks are considered too great for personnel or vessels.

Our advantage: supporting clients in the field

Our engineers direct operations at sea by taking on the role of offshore managers. They don't hesitate to confront the operational reality.

"After the operation we will get feedback from the crew, which allows us to improve our processes in the context of continuous improvement,"
Marc-Antoine Peron le goffProject Engineer - Subsea Services

Adaptability, creativity, and innovation: a comprehensive service

Specializing in maintenance, the Engineering Department knows how to develop innovative solutions to meet any need. For example, it has established procedures for operations ranging from offshore wind projects to searching for a plane lost at sea. "Our experience in complex missions and our operational knowledge of vessels and clients' equipment is also an asset." precise Marc-Antoine.

Bourbon behind the scenes