May 06, 2015

Composed of a dozen countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, Southeast Asia is a region rich in hydrocarbons. BOURBON operates a fleet of 50 offshore vessels here.


Southeast Asia: its expansive seas, its dynamic oil & gas activity, and... its offshore energy resources! With the exception of Singapore, all the countries of Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei, have abundant oil and gas reserves.
Currently, they are being developed in continental offshore (up to 150 meters in depth), both by international majors, all present in the region, and local national oil companies. However, in order to meet the strong demand for energy in the region and to reduce oil imports, deepwater offshore projects are currently being considered. This is particularly the case in eastern Indonesia and in the South China Sea. Most operations conducted by BOURBON in the area are for these deepwater offshore projects.

Southeast Asia is the region where the world's largest offshore fleet sails. It includes both large PSV and AHTS vessels, as well as smaller vessels. As for personnel transport, it employs Surfers,widely used in Indonesia.


Operating in Southeast Asia since 2006, BOURBON employs 1,200 people, 90% of whom are local employees, through its various affiliates:

  • Bourbon Offshore Asia in Singapore
  • Bahtera Sri Kandi Marine in Malaysia
  • PT Surf Marine Indonesia (specializing in personnel transport)
  • Bourbon Marine Services Manilla (specializes in manning, staffing the vessels of group companies with seafarers)

In a region where the maritime tradition runs deep, priority is given to recruiting Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, or Filipino seafarers to crew the affiliate's 50 vessels. The BOURBON Training Centers located in Singapore and Indonesia and are equipped with simulators, enabling the crews of supply vessels or crew boats to train under conditions close to reality.


In the region, BOURBON has developed many partnerships and contracts with local offshore players. Its biggest customers are PTTEP and Petronas, the Thai and Malaysian public oil companies.
The group stands out due to its modern, standardized fleet - Surfers, PSVs and AHTS vessels - consisting especially of Bourbon Liberty 200 and 300 series vessels. BOURBON also has a Repair Center in Singapore to provide maintenance to its vessels operating in the region.

"The group stands out with its modern fleet: reliable, standardized diesel-electric vessels that enable its customers to reduce their fuel consumption and therefore the overall cost of operations."
Farid KhanRegional Managing Director - Southeast Asia

BOURBON is now pursuing its differentiation strategy in Southeast Asia, emphasizing its development in offshore continental while also preparing to seize opportunities in deepwater offshore.

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