January 16, 2019

At an age when most teens are starting to think about their future careers, Loïc Migozzi had already chosen his. He decided to become a deep sea fisherman at the age of 14. A few years later, he joined the French navy, where he signed on for 15 years, and then came back to his earliest passion after following the curriculum at a maritime vocational high school. Today, he is a Surfer pilot with BOURBON. History.

Even though Loïc Migozzi's career path is unusual, it reveals deep knowledge of the diversity of seafaring professions. He was therefore recruited by BOURBON in 2012, after employment with other players in the offshore maritime services sector. "I didn't feel at home there: safety and maintenance were not always up to par. Coming from the Navy, I had a different level of requirements", he explained. The standards at BOURBON correspond to his personal requirements. He became a Crew boat pilot on 1800, 19000 and UGO-type Surfers. "Safety is the name of the game. That's why I always try to train crews through exercises, thoroughly explaining everything", he added.

" Safety is the name of the game. That's why I always try to train crews through exercises, thoroughly explaining everything "
loïc MigozziSurfer Pilot

He remains versatile by taste and through his training. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Loïc Migozzi and his crew ensure the technical availability of the Surfer. "We are responsible for the vessel and we work relatively independently: we have to meet technical challenges for the Surfer to remain available one hundred percent of the time. I love this challenge!" When asked to tell us about his best moments, he gives a smile and recalls the whales that he has often encountered during his crossings. Then, he proudly mentions the three campaigns that he carried out during the commissioning of Block 32 at Kaombo, Angola. "It was the first time I saw vessels that big. I loved participating in that mission". Despite this, he is still a little worried about the current environment and hopes that the crisis the offshore sector is going through will end soon "because BOURBON is a beautiful company".

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