April 26, 2019

On April 28 & 29, 2019, BOURBON will join countless actors around the world taking part in the ILO (International Labour Organisation) World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The World Safety Day is an opportunity to remind each other how important must be our dedication to a safe workplace for our employees and our clients.

For BOURBON, the main goal of this Safety Day is to increase the awareness regarding important health and safety issues, and to commit every single employee in adopting a responsible and proactive attitude to further keep on improving the group safety culture and performance.
This is why we are engaged in such opportunities as the ILO Safety Day. It is also our role to ensure this focus is maintained at every level and without compromise.  

"BOURBON teams over many years, have built a strong safety culture and sustainable results which will lead the group towards its 0-incident objective."

For BOURBON's Safety Day this year, our message is simple and resumes into two main ideas: Management leadership and Back to basics.

  • Management Leadership: All managers must show engagement & dedication to safety and make it visible with regular visits on board and on onshore worksites.
  • Back to basics: Our Safety Management system is already robust and well recognized by our clients. We need to be pragmatic and focus on discipline in application and lessons learned from incidents.

BOURBON is pursuing its efforts demonstrating that the safety is a top priority and mobilization is crucial. One of BOURBON’s initiatives, the ‘Life Saving Rules’ awareness campaign, is a good example of our concrete actions.

BOURBON's teams wish you a happy safety day!


Bourbon behind the scenes