As international service provider, Bourbon Marine & Logistics offers high quality services to leading actors in the oil industry, in all areas of operation: continental and deep offshore.

With a fleet of 172 vessels, Bourbon Marine & Logistics has emerged as a leading force in marine services for the offshore oil and gas industry.

an international reference

In continental offshore as in deep-water offshore, the service offered by Bourbon Marine & Logistics is one of the most thorough and reliable on the market. Our maritime support activities cover the entire life cycle of an oil field.

The services provided by Marine Services include:

  • supplying offshore installations and vessels
  • towing, anchoring, and positioning of offshore installations
  • support to floating oil and gas production, storage, and unloading units

Key figures 

A standardized approach to safe and efficient operations

For BOURBON crews, the success of a mission is measured in terms of client satisfaction.

To ensure client satisfaction, we provide standardized procedures, allowing a reliable, quality service in compliance with our safety standards, anywhere in the world.

Because no missions are exactly alike, we adapt our service to our clients' needs. Being responsive enables us to provide client-tailored services.

At each stage of the mission, we ask ourselves one essential question: what are our client's needs and how do we fulfill those needs with the highest quality of services and safety?

Proximity, performance and quality

Our operational affiliates are based near each operational area. They offer our clients local maritime support, maximum responsiveness, and clear, effective information – whether commercial, contractual, or technical.


Modern and reliable vessels

How do we make sure we present our clients with a fleet that has optimal availability and reliability? By choosing vessels built in series. This is Bourbon Marine & Logistics' strategy to optimize management of its fleet.

Marine Services in pictures
  • Transport and supply of offshore material
  • Anchor handling, towage and offshore positionning
  • FPSO Support
Bourbon behind the scenes