At Bourbon Marine & Logistics, safety is a deeply held value. It is integral to respect for people and the environment in which we conduct our business.


After several decades of experience in the offshore oil industry as marine service provider, our company has gradually changed attitudes to develop a strong safety culture focus on proactivity, knowledge and risk management, competence and the implementation of operational standards. These standards cover every department, from maintenance to crewing through operations; they apply to each affiliate as well as to all employees, both at sea and on land. Thus, although intervening in more than 39 countries and with around 88 nationalities, our company makes sure that the operations carried out from one end to the other of the globe are carried out according to the same criteria of operational excellence.

Safety is a core value at Bourbon Marine & Logistics and remains one of the four pillars of operational excellence.



Life Saving RULES

Over the years, by combining our feedback with those of IOGP (the global oil and gas industry trade association), we decided to implement a common base of 12 safety rules applicable to all: the 12 "Life Saving Rules". In line with our ongoing goal of zero incidents, these 12 Life Savings Rules help to engage all our staff and encourage them to take action before an accident happens.

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SAFETY POST: a reflective learning tool 

Since its launching in 2016, the “Safety Post” helps reinforce safety culture. Based on real events and developed to engage individual and team reflection by looking back at and discussing accidents and ways to avoid them, this original support (comics format) established itself as a major safety tool, adopted by all Bourbon Marine & Logistics employees as well as clients.


The safe and efficient services are recognized and appreciated by our clients. While Bourbon Marine & Logistics acknowledge there is still a long road on the journey to zero incidents, the confidence and satisfaction of its clients is a welcome recognition of its efforts! Personal safety indicators provide a reliable measurement to assess progress in the challenge to avoid injuries to people.

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