For more than 30 years, Bourbon Mobility delivers to its passengers a high-speed and light cargo transport services for offshore Oil & Gas clients, both short or long distance. Industry leaders including the major oil & gas companies - BP, Shell, Chevron, Total, ENI, Exxon, etc. - use our services in many regions, all over the world.

With over 1.5 million people transported each year, Bourbon Mobility has established itself as a world leader in the petroleum industry by offering its clients a safe, economical and reliable alternative to helicopters. With a unique transportation capacity of about 5,500 seats, the company offers passenger services based on a genuine commitment to safety, operational excellence and client satisfaction including support functions as emergency, fire-fighting and evacuation capacity.

To deliver the most performing transport to our passengers, we operate with a fleet of Interfield Surfers, Crew liners and FSIV.




experts & trained crew



Training hours dedicated to our crews

Our stand-alone & responsible expert crews operate a fleet of more than 240 modern vessels and are in charge of passengers’ welfare and transfer as well as navigation, maintenance and standards. To improve operational excellence and answer to its clients’ needs, Bourbon Mobility has developed a strategy based on:

  • a standardized training program to ensure our crews have the highest level of expertise - 4 BOURBON Training Centers,
  • a network of 5 Surfer Repair Centers, optimizing the management of vessel maintenance, close to operations,
  • a fleet of efficient vessels built in series, combining comfort, safety, and reliability.

OUR Ambition

Extend our leadership as preferred partner for offshore personal transportation and transfers, by being more innovative for our customers and by transforming and constantly enhancing the passengers’ experience
François lesléCEO of BOurbon mobility


Bourbon Mobility as a strong local presence in West Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola), Southeast Asia (Thailand), Gulf of Arabia, Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Bourbon behind the scenes