At Bourbon Mobility, we call Surfers the speedboats used to transport personnel and light parcels, essential for the functioning of an offshore site.

Our Surfer fleet is composed of light, fast cruisers and that are highly maneuverable. Surfers provide transportation of professionals to offshore oil and gas sites and can serve different platforms within the same field.

Technical specifications

Our Surfers are equipped with aluminum hulls. Very light, they are designed for speed and the comfort of the professionals transported, all the while maintaining transport capacity for light parcels on deck.

Their transportation capacity varies from 20 to 90 people and they offer a cruising speed of 20-40 knots. The vast majority of our Surfers are equipped with a FiFi (fire-fighting) system ranging from 300 to 600 m3/h.

Scope of the Surfer fleet

Historically present in West Africa, the Surfer fleet has grown steadily in deep tropics of South East Asia, Brazil, and the Persian Gulf.


Surfer 3600 series 50
Surfer 320 series 46 to 90
Surfer 2600 series 50
Surfer 250 series 70
Surfer 220 series 42
Surfer 19000 series 30
Surfer 18000/1800 series 25
Surfer 14000/1400 series 20
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